LED Phototherapy


What is LED Phototherapy?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Phototherapy is a scientific process that use specific wavelengths in the visible and invisible light spectrum to send light into the deeper layers of the skin to activate and stimulate cellular activity.

Phototherapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which makes this a very comfortable and pleasant treatment.

Whilst come results can be seen immediately, best results are achieved from a course of treatments with benefits continuing to show well and after the initial course.

What can Phototherapy Treat and Who can be Treated?

PhotonSmart phototherapy has many applications and is predominantly used for cosmetic and aesthetic applications.  Phototherapy assists in rejuvenating the skin, reducing the appearance of the visible signs of skin ageing, firming and toning, collagen stimulation and the treating of many problematic skin types.

Phototherapy treats are suitable for both men and women and can be safely combined with other cosmetic treatments for even further improved results.

How long are treatments?

Treatments last 20 minutes and it is recommended to have a course of 6-12 treatments her weekly or twice weekly.

Are there any Precautions before or after my treatment?

LED phototherapy may increase skin sensitivity to products and may also increase reactivity to sunlight .  It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight following the treatment or use a minimum SPF30+ SUNCREEEN.  It is also beneficial to avoid solariums and swimming in chlorinated water whilst undergoing the treatments.

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