Welcome to Tranquil Essence Skin Clinic and Body Sculpting

Everything we do and everything we offer is based on what we believe in.  Helping others to feel and look beautiful is our primary goal, but helping our clients ‘believe’ they are beautiful is life changing.

Our Mission

Tranquil Essence Skin Clinic and Body Sculpting strives to provide our clients with honest, and the most affordable, premium services & products in Australia, delivered in a personable, compassionate and caring environment.  Our aim is to make high quality Skin, Beauty and Body Sculpting services easily available and within the budget of every Australian.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Tranquil Essence Skin Clinic and Body Sculpting to be recognized as an Australian leader in delivering innovative, high quality Skin Treatment services and Body Sculpting care.

Our Core Values

Education:  We are committed to providing outstanding, quality education for our clients.

Family:  We believe that each person is unique and wonderfully made and we recognize this by building meaningful relationships with each and every one of our clients.

Integrity:  We are committed to regular self evaluation and reassessment of our principles and practices, with continuous quality control and improvements to assure our clients first class safety and care, the best clinical outcomes and optimal use of our beauty and body clinic resources.

Privacy:  We value your privacy and hold in high regard our clients confidentiality.  We do not release our clients personal information without their prior approval, resulting in added privacy and confidentially for each clients visit.

Professionalism:  We believe our staff are our greatest asset and recognize and value the contribution of each member of our Skin Clinic and Body Sculpting team.

Quality:  We offer the latest advances and products in skin and body/beauty technology care that is available. 

Respect:  We respect diversity and individuality and hold each client’s unique circumstances at the forefront of our clinical decision making.

Transparency:  We are committed to openness, clear and accurate communication and accountability.  Our fees for services are communicated upfront at the time of booking and service, providing full disclosure to our clients.


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ABN:  966 234 19116

Opening Hours

Headoffice: 07 5689 0212

Mon-Sat 9 am to 6 pm
Sun – Closed